I’m overwhelmed by the number of views my previous post got. I’m not sure what people’s general thoughts are, but it’s wild that people from across the world have read it. From China to Mexico, to Australia and Spain. I’m happy though. Yes, my mom does know that I posted the letter online. Yes, she was a little mad, but in the end, I think she’s fine.

In other news, I’ve missed my past two posts for the #under500 project, and I realized that this particular project might not be conducive to myself as a writer. I want to continue writing on topics that I care about, and I would rather spend my time creating that content than scramble for something I’m uninspired to write. I want to keep up the momentum, but I don’t know how to. I may consider creating a facebook page, but maybe not. If you’re a fellow blogger or writer and have any advice, please send me some!

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